Purpose Partners

Purpose Partners are a group of preferred vendors selected by TOFi™ to provide products and services to TOFi™ investees, strategic partners, and other referrals. Like TOFi™, Purpose Partners are purpose-driven businesses committed to supporting entrepreneurs/small businesses who wouldn’t normally have access nor the financial capital to engage.

What are the benefits of being a Purpose Partner?

1. The opportunity to work with like-minded businesses committed to operating with purpose and integrity
2. The ability to engage in sociopreneuship
3. The ability to increase your business volume and clientele
4. The opportunity to work in multiple industries
5. Increased marketing and exposure for your business

What’s the process of becoming a Purpose Partner?

1. Declare your interest by clicking here and filling out the interest form. This form includes providing a purpose statement, personal biography, business overview, work/product samples, and client testimonials.
2.. Submit rate sheet (Retail and Purpose Partner rate)
3. Participate in Interview
4. Reference Check by TOFi™
5. Complete 1 pro-bono/trial project with TOFi™ (new vendors only)
6. Approval Decision
7. If approved, complete the Purpose Partner onboarding and engagement

The Purpose Partner program is a winning trifecta (a win/win/win) …

  • For ENTREPRENEURS/SMALL BUSINESSES – providing them with best in class products and services at an affordable price (funded by TOFi™ or self-funded)
  • For TOFi™ – Purpose Partners will be the exclusive vendors engaged in all of TOFi’s investment programs and strategic partnerships.
  • For YOU  – the potential to increase your reach and revenue!