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Welcome to TOFi International

Powered by a 25+ year Human Resources executive, Tamla Oates-Forney Investments International (TOFi™) is an investment organization dedicated to investing in women and girls of color.

A robust generation of female ingenuity and leadership, TOFi International operates in three capacities: philanthropy, thought leadership, & fiscal investments.

“To Whom Much is Given Much is Required”

Luke 12:48
more than money

TOFi is her partner -- in every way.

How We Work

Through strategic partnerships and programs we deliver for our investees

We are always open to collaborating with like-minded partners that share in our vision and want to contribute to the growth of the next generation of leaders.
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Why is TOFi Needed

Why TOFi and why now?

It’s 2019, and yet women are still fighting for equality. Data suggests it will take until 2152 to close the gender wage gap, but at TOFi we believe it shouldn’t take a century to get what we deserve.

“A recent Project Diane report found that, on average, black women founders raise $36,000 in venture funding, while $1.3 million goes to failed startups owned mostly by white men. One of the reasons why TOFi™ exists is to give the underserved the same access to financial and support networks.

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